Word Explosion Conference 2009

On 29th August to 1st September, Bread of Life Church International held the annual Word Explosion Conference for five explosive days, under the Theme “A season of Manifestation”.

It's Your Season of Manifestation! 

About 2000 delegates from Bread of Life branch churches and non bread of Life members with some coming from as far as Dar es Salaam, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe attended the conference which was held at Emmasdale main church in Lusaka.

More came from within Lusaka. Almost 6000 people attended the conference on a daily basis.

 Left: Bishop Joe Imakando, Bishop Okonkwo & Bishop Bismark during Worship Left: Bishop N'gandu, Bishop Appiah, Pastor Imakando, Bishop Imakando and Bishop Okonkwo during praise and worship
 Overflow: Tents that were pitched to cater for the large numbers Overflow: The projector screen was mounted for the people outside
 Overflow: During praise and worship Overflow: people listening to the word of God using the LCD

From the first day of the conference the auditorium was filled. A tent had to be pitched to handle the overflow. Apart from that an LCD screen was put up outside the tent to cater for the large numbers.
The church compound was packed with people such that the VIP guests had to disembark from their cars at the gate and walk up to the manse (church house).

 The auditorium at Emmasdale church was full to capacity 

The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God even before the conference began. Every person present was hungry for the word of God as evidenced by the large numbers and commitment until the last day of the conference. 

The year 2009 is a very significant year as it marries with the theme ‘Year of Manifestation.’ This year being the ninth year is surely the time to bring out your potential in the presence of God.

His grace Bishop Joe Imakando opened the conference with welcoming remarks to all the delegates and introduced the choice men of God that were at hand to preach the word of God.

From left, Honourable Reverend General Ronnie Shikapwasha Minister of Information during the Word Explosion Conference. Next to him is Mrs. Shikapwasha followed by Pastor Bernadette Imakando and Presiding Bishop Joe Imakando 

Some of the Blci Reverends from Left: Rev. Simushi, Rev. Kangwa Mumba, Rev. George Chanda and Mrs. Chanda. Other Reverends in attendance were, Rev. Isaac Zulu, Rev. Elias Mponela (not in picture).

Among the Speakers were Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Frank Appiah, Bishop Edgar Ng’ambi, Rev. Elias Mponela, Rev. George Chanda, Rev. Teddy Kamfwa and Pastor Carol Kyakilika.


Bishop Edgar N'gambi

 Rev. George Chanda

Rev. Teddy Kamfwa

Pastor Carol Kyakilika



Bishop Mike Okonkwo (l) was the first to speak. He preached a timely message entitled “When destiny puts you on hold”. It prepared the congregation for manifestation.  


On the Second day, Bishop Appiah started off the day with a word from Genesis 33 titled “I have enough” an account of Jacob when he had an encounter with the Lord. Jacob was blessed by the Lord his life was full of purpose.

Left: Bishop Joe Imakando (r) praying for Bishop Appiah during the conference

To attain Gods purpose in your life you need to live by Gods design keeping in focus with your vision. God waited for Jacob until he was alone and dealt with him. God will only deal with you when you are alone.


Left: Bishop Tudor Bismark also heated up the conference when he spoke on dominion with the title “I refuse to be naked” bringing to light Gods view of mans position on earth. If we know our position we will manifest and have dominion. 

Bishop Tudor BismarkBishop Appiah & Bishop Imakando praying for Bishop Bismark 

And during praise and worship, Emmasdale, Chawama, Kanyama and Ndola churches sang to the glory of God.

The sick were prayed for, while others received prophetic utterances. Bishop Imakando closed the meetings declaring victory over the people.

Bread of Life church International has surely manifested in potential, gifts, promotion, business and ministry in this year’s Word Explosion conference.  


In the afternoons (29th, 31st -1st September), the conference was split into small group sessions which were tailored for particular sets of people.


Left: Pastor Mubita Nawa held a workshop with Young Adults  

Mr. Evans Muhanga - Sales & Marketing Director from Zain was with business people  

Left: Bishop Appiah with Men of Destiny

R: Pastor Bernadette Imakando during the Married Couples' workshop 


Apostle Marson Sharpley with Business People

Apostle Aaron Siwale with Women of Integrity

Rev. Forutune Mwiza with the Married Couples

Pastor Msidi with the Youths, 'Joshua Generation'

Visiting Pastor Nathanael from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The ‘Workshops’ as they were dubbed were very effective as they dealt with various issues, with topics ranging from Leadership, Praise and Worship, Business. Others were for the Youth, Men of Destiny, Women of Integrity, Married Couples and Missions.

The workshops  were handled by professionals in the various fields.

To God be the glory.

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